Top 3 Rated Samsung 50 inch TVs


This is the ultimate review of some of the biggest and finest Samsung screens in the world. It’s actually a brief guide into the features that make the best top three 50 inch Samsung TVs. So if you love the brand, perhaps it will help you make an informed decision in the end.

Top 3 Rated Samsung 50 inch TVs

1 Samsung UE55JU6400

This 50 inch Samsung screen delivers 1K image sharpness accompanied by graphics that make images look real and crisp-clear.

It delivers images in amazing 4K details and colors, thanks to the inspiration that this screen got from its native 4K sources coupled with some great HD content. It has a slick Smart Hub for accommodating apps you will find useful for as long as you’re using the TV.

The UE55JU6400 is powered by Samsung’s native Tizen OS, so expect to interact with the very intuitive Tizen Smart TV interface. However, the only problem with this TV is that some users complain of its tight viewing angle. Otherwise, they are comfortable with the rest of the features.

2 Samsung 50 inch LED – 2160p – Smart – 4K Ultra HD TV

Your favorite programs can now be served in impressive picture quality. Because it’s an ultra HD screen, expect to enjoy up to 4 times the standard resolution of a full HD. The colors are powered by Samsung’s PurColor technology, so users should expect to view pictures in natural colors.

One thing you’ll love about this TV is the fact that it performs well in all lighting conditions. You will also detect the fact that the screen delivers plasma-like blacks accompanied by rich whites, so images become real as they were intended to be.

And just like all Samsung smart TVs, this model lets you stream content with its in-built Smart Hub with great convenience. It lets you surf the web using its in-built web browser. And with S-recommendation feature, you can enjoy recommended movies and shows. Lastly, you will be treated to some quality DTS studio sound through two in-built 10 watt speakers.


3 Samsung 50″ Class LED 1080p 60Hz HDTV, (3.7″ ultra-slim)

This Samsung TV model will take your breath away when you interact with its smart features for the first time and even in its lifetime. Image clarity is at the top of its priority list, thanks to the deep blacks and pure whites that characterized image output.

Samsung says this TV will put emphasis on images even for those pictures move too quickly across the screen. And of course the slim 3.7” profile makes the TV look attractive to the eye.


If you want to take full advantage of this beautiful Samsung 4K TV, make sure you have a reliable source of HD content. You can upgrade your pay TV package to receive content in HD.

Final word

This year has seen Samsung coming up with some remarkable improvements in their line of smart screen TVs. The shift from android to Tizen OS is just among the few changes that the company has implemented to help them gain a competitive edge in a world where almost everything is android powered. Other than the price tag of their 50” smart TVs, nothing should hold you back from investing in one of these.

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