Does Medicare Supplement Plan Cover Silver Sneakers?

Although each of the Medicare Supplement Plan is standardized, you can find a few insurance agencies offering Silver Sneaker program to assist seniors to enhance their overall health. If you are a senior above the age of 65, you may want to take a look at this program prior to picking a Supplemental plan since not every plan provides Silver Sneakers.


Understanding the Silver Sneaker Program:


This is basically a discounted or free membership to gyms for over 65 seniors. It can work at a private gym, for example, the YMCA or Golds Gym. The participation of a gym in this program may vary from one county to the other. However, you must note that only a few Medigap plans may offer coverage for this program.

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This program can benefit you both physically and emotionally. Physically, it can help you lower your blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels, and reduce diabetes side effects. Plus, you are likely to feel more energetic simply by walking half an hour on a regular basis. Talking of mental health, it can help lower the depression, and also make a senior feel less lonely since they will be able to meet like-minded individuals. This can help enhance their health tremendously.

Is your Gym too far? Not to worry.


Silver Steps program assists senior citizens who reside 24km or further from the gym. Since the program is personalized, you’ll be provided with a kit containing resistance belts, exercise video & how-to DVDs. Thus, nothing will be left out even if you reside in an area that’s far away from the city. Under this program, you are also offered an online component that assists your streaming workouts, nutrition & a forum for communicating with other members.


To conclude, even though most Medigap plans don’t offer coverage for Silver Sneakers Program, you can use the web to know if any such plan is available in your locality.